About Japan’s No.1 NFT investment group ICL (Ikehaya Cryptocurrency Lab)


I want to know about Japan NFT


I know it’s difficult to get info of Japan NFT


Would you let me know the way ?


I suggest joining ICL

  • I want to know abour Japan NFT
  • How can I get the info of Japan NFT ?
  • How is NFT investment group ICL? I heard about it but there are no info in English…

You are able to solve your problem like above with this blog.


  • 【With evidence】ICL worth paying 98,000 JPY
  • Beginners of Crypto is not allowed to join ICL
  • How do I know if I am beginner or not ?
  • If you are applicable, please do not enter ICL
  • How to enter ICL (with English translation of the entry form !)

This article is for foreigners who are thinking about joining Ikehaya Cryptocurrency Lab (ICL).

ICL is the lab founded by Mr. Ikehaya who is the No.1 influencer in NFT market of Japan.

He is also the co-founder of the NFT 「Crypto Ninja」 & main lead of 「CNP

I joined the lab on 23rd Sep, but terribly regret not joing earlier.

I have known ICL for more than a year…

But I was not able to overcome the obstacles of ICL, which is price (98,000 JPY) and for the word “Beginers of Crpto not allowed”

Stupid me !!!

II was scared of

  • wasting 98,000 JPY
  • being left out in the community

I really undersatand your feeling hestitating to join the community.

But let’s jump in !

I don’t regret joing ICL at all.

Especially, HOUOU project boost me to join the community.

HOUOU project is “full on chain NFT” like Crypto Punks, planned to be released from ICL on Jan 2023.

Allow list (AL) will be distributed to the members of ICL around Dec 2022. (Its like a membership NFT for ICL)

HOUOU is “鳳凰” in Chinese letter which means Pheonix.

Pheonix symbolize eternity, just like NFT.

HOUOU will be engraved on ethereum block chain forever…

Who do you want to hand over your HOUOU NFT ?

I thought “I want HOUOU NFT!!” and I felt I should join the community.

I want to praise my decision joinning ICL at the time !

This blog it written honestly of my feeling who actually joined ICL.

This article is for those who cannot decide joining ICL.

I can promise you that your worries will be clear after reading this blog.

If not, you can comment me on twitter lol.

BTW, the founder Mr. Ikehaya gave me greenlight to publish this blog articles. (Its in Japanese)

More than 5 years Experience of investing Crypto from 2017.

8-digit JPY investment.

Retired office worker to become a farmer.

Earned money by Crypto to start farmer.

Bought First NFT on Feb 2022, got CNP later and become enthusiastic to NFT.


1. 【With evidence】ICL worth paying 98,000 JPY


98,000 JPY seems a bit expensive……


I think its cheap !

Honestly speeking, Ikehaya Crypotocurrency Lab (ICL) worth more than 98,000 JPY.

No, it worth more than 200,000 JPY in my opinion.

There are 5 reasons as below.

The reason that ICL worth 98,000 JPY
  1. You can get promising AL of Japan NFT
  2. Can get rare, fresh, trustworthy information
  3. You can save your time researching Japan NFT
  4. You can cosult your troubles concering Japan NFT
  5. The registration fee is one-time only

1. You can get promising Japanese NFT AL

If you join ICL, you have chance to get promising AL of Japan NFT.

Below are the AL distributed before to ICL members.

Name of the NFT Projectmint pricecurrent price※magnificationmint date
Crypto Nijna Partners (CNP)0.001ETH1.7ETH 3.25ETH1,700 3,250May 15th, 2022
CNP Jobs (CNPJ)0.001ETH0.5ETH 0.54ETH500 540Jul, 15th, 2022
Hard Animal Generative0.005ETH0.03ETH6Oct 2nd, 2022
WAFUKU GEN0.001ETH0.05ETH50Oct 9th, 2022
KAMIYO (-神代-)0.001ETH0.05ETH50Oct 30th, 2022
Tokyo Alternative Girls0.002ETH0.07ETH35Nov 5th, 2022
※Floor price on Nov, 2022

As you can see, the result of distributed NFT for ICL is wonderful !

For instance, if you have only minted 1,000 JPY CNP, the price now was more than 1.7M JPY ※3M JPY.(※The price went up more, so revised)

If you have paid 50 JPY coin, you were able to get back more than the admission fee(98,000 JPY) of ICL.

BTW, below are the AL list which are expected to be given to the members.

※HOUOU is confirmed.

※It is not to confirm you the AL. There are some conditions.

Name of the NFT Projectfoundermint pricenumber of NFTScheduled date of the mint
CryptoNinja Children (CNC)mkm0.001ETH11,111Dec 25th, 2022
Live Like A CAT (LLAC)Shuhei0.001ETH22,222Dec 28th, 2022
XANA PENPENZ (Feat. #CryptoNinja )Rio0.001ETH10,000Jan 21st, 2023
HOUOU (鳳凰)Ikehayafree11,111※Jan 2023
The Mafia Animals Gnerative (TMAG)Rii2TBDTBDspring 2023 ?
Crypto Ninja Generative (tentative project name)IkehayaTBDTBDsummer 2023 ?
※the number of NFT for HOUOU might change

I am not going to explain details here, but fort those projects who gives AL to ICL members has strong merit.

The proejcts think worth giving away AL to ICL.

Because the members of ICL have diamond hands.

Atually, there are many projects coming to Mr. Ikehaya to ask his permission to give those NFT away to the members.

This trend will continue for a while.

2. Can get rare, fresh, trustworthy information

Let me share you one thing which impressed me a lot when I joined ICL.

I was very much surprised of the rareness, freshness and trustworthy for the information shared in ICL.

I thought I have sufficient information of NFT, but I found my information sucks…

The level of the information shared in ICL is totally different !

In ICL, there are many investors who has same level of NFT information that Mr. Ikehaya has.

Information gathers more information in ICL.

And members in ICL don’t hesitate to share information to the members.

They share information because, they know the contribution will naturally benefit themselves in future.

3. ICL will save your time

If you join ICL, you can save your time to get right piece of information.

Even though you think you got beneficial info, you need evidence to back up the info, as it might be fake right ?

Also, if you want to invest to NFT, it is inevitable to join each discord community to get info.

But you won’t have enought time to check all the details concerning those NFT projects.

If you join ICL, you can get selected and important info of NFT, so that you can save your time drastically.

I personally think I should only invest to those NFT that information is shared in ICL.

After I joined ICL, all the stress to get and catch up with the info of those NFT projects disappeared.

4. You can consult in ICL

As NFT market is brand new market.

To stand there alone is like going down a blind alley.

Of course, DYOR is important, but if you really can’t find the answer, you may get it by asking in ICL.

5. No additional fee

You need to pay 98,000 JPY for the membership of ICL.

But after the payment, you don’t need to pay additional cost for being there.

I prefer the way than paying monthly membership fee forever.

Longer you stay, cheaper fee you get. Faster you join, cheaper fee you get.

BTW, the monthly payment price if calculate, will be 2,700 JPY/M for 3 years and 1,600 JPY/M for 5 years.

New information !! English channel was made in ICL

Only few days ago, English channel was made in ICL for foreigner who don’t speak or read Japanese. (experimental channel)

This is because we are having more and more members from abroad.

There are Japanese members who understands English as well like me.

Its easlier for you to access Japanese NFT market information than before !

2. Beginers of Crypto is not allowed to join ICL

BTW, Beginers of Crypto is not allowed to join ICL.

But if you like, or if you are willing to study Crypto or NFT, I guess you can join the community later.

Please don’t misunderstand ! It doesn’t include someone who thinks “I can study Crypto after I join ICL”

We don’t want beginers to join ICL because, Crypto is somehow dangerous for those beginers.

Frauds, GOX, scam etc. happens every single day !

And those beginers who are defrauded become hater of the community…

There is a word DYOR in Crypto.

If you cannot DYOR, you shouldn’t join ICL.

But if you really, researched and studied, but finally cannot figer it out, the community members will support you kindly.

Worried about if you are beginer or not ?

Check the next section. ↓↓↓

3. How do I know if I am beginner or not ? 9 questions.

I know you hesitate joing to ICL.

I really undertstand, cause I was the one who also hesitated to join ICL before.

So, I made a checklist for you to check if you are beginer or not.

If 7 out of 9 applies to you, you are already not a beginer.

Of course you need to continously study and collect information of Crypto as the speed of the Crypto market is super fast !

  • I checked (know) the meaning of DYOR.
  • I know what NFA stands for.
  • Its easy for me to use Discord.
  • I have PC.
  • I have Metamask and able to use it.
  • I have bought NFT at Opensea.
  • You have excess cash for the investment.
  • Of course the responsiblity of all investment is on me.
  • I am very excited to the future NFT are going to make.

If those do not apply to you, its still ok.

You can study and check them.

Its about your mind.

In short, ICL doesn’t want you to join “if” you don’t know DYOR.

We don’t want message board full with beginer’s question.

We don’t want you to join if you are the person who steel others time giving question without reseraching.

4. If you are applicable, please do not enter ICL

When I was writing the checklist, I came up for the list for misfit person for ICL and made another list.

Its just my own personal opinion.

Just for your info.

If you are applicable, please do not enter ICL
  • Don’t want to check the meaning of DYOR.
  • I believe I can earn money if I join ICL.
  • I want to join ICL cause I want AL.
  • I think it is stupid to pay money for information.
  • I am doing NFT to earn money only.

If you fit one of those above, I think you don’t fit to ICL.

5. How to enter ICL (with translation of the entry form !)


The entry form is in English…


Let me translate !

①ICL entry page

Firstly, enter to .

②Enter email and discord ID

When you open ICL enrtry page, you will see the entry form in Japanese.

Entry form translation
  1. イケハヤ仮想通貨ラボ:Ikehaya Cryptocurrency Lab (98,000 JPY)
  2. お支払い方法:Payment
  3. クレジットカードでの一括払い(代行業者:Stripe):Creditcard only (agent:stripe)
  4. メールアドレス:email address
  5. ICLに参加するアカウントのDiscord IDを教えてください:Discord ID to join ICL. EX. ikehaya#4766. (If you mistake the ID, you will be banned by ICL so please enter carefully)
  6. 確認する:Confirm
  1. Check creditcard. (Only credit card is available)
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your discord ID
  4. Confirm

③ Confirmation of the form entered

Confirmation of the form

Pleasea check your email address and discord ID.

There are a lot of mistakes.

After you checked your email address and discord ID, please push 「申し込む:Entry」

If you want to correct your inputs, please push 「戻る:Back」 button, so that you can go back to the previous page to re-enter the form.

④ Credit card information entry

After you cofirm your email address and discord ID, you need to input credit card information.

The price to join ICL is 98,000 JPY as above.

  1. メールアドレス:email address
  2. カード情報:credit card information (card number, month, year, CVC)
  3. カードの所有者:Name of the card holder
  4. 国または地域:country
  5. 支払い方法を保存して、次回以降の支払いをワンクリックで安全に行う:Save the card information for the next entry.
  6. 支払う:pay

If you cannot find your country, please use google to traslate and find.

I regret not joining ICL a year ago


I’m still wondering if I should join ICL or not…


I regret not to a year ago……

I regret that I didn’t join ICL a year ago even I had known the community.

But I cannot go back, and regret gives me nothing.

I don’t want to make same mistake now, so I have joined ICL this time.

And I have no regret doing that.

If you are wondering to join ICL, I suggest you to join.

NFT market in Japan is growing extremly fast.

It will be conpletely different world after only 3 months.

For instance, 3 months ago, Mr. Nishino※ or Mr. Kamogashira※ haven’t joinned the NFT market.

※Influencers in Japan who has million followers in total.

But see now.

Those two men have super influense to the NFT market and the numbers of people who buys Japanese NFT are growing rapidly.

ICL members are also growing sharply.

The numbers of ICL members

3 mothns later, it is already 2023…

What do you think how the NFT market will change in Japan ?

Additionally, NFT 「HOUOU」AL will be given to all the members of ICL.

The AL is planned to be registered for the members of ICL who joined before Dec 2022. (schedule not fixed yet)

And will be released around Feb 2023.

Don’t you want to get HOUOU if you are joining ICL anyway ?

HOUOU is full on chain NFT which will evolve.

You can have fun putting HOUOU in your wallet.

I think its worth 98,000 JPY with the conmbination of other AL chances and treasurly information you can get in the community.

How members think joinning ICL

I think it is more convincing to have other memebrs voice joinning ICL.

If you still have hesitation to join, you can read their tweets for your information.

Sorry, its in Japanese but please use translater if you are interested in joinning ICL.

What do you think ?

I didn’t know that there are high school students as well…

I will be waiting for you in ICL.

Lets study together.

ICL top


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